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MPT Calculator - Interactive Municipal Property Tax Calculator

The City of Quinte West MPT Calculator has been updated to reflect the 2019 Tax Rates that were passed by Council for the City of Quinte West on March 28, 2019.

The MPT Calculator is the City's innovative online interactive property tax calculator developed by City staff for use by the residents of the City of Quinte West, potential new residents and developers.

To see a detailed breakdown of General and Area Levy expenditures by service type as well as a comparative analysis of individual property tax calculation for 2018 and 2019, simply select your ward and tax class and enter your 2018 assessment and your 2019 current value assessment.

General Notes Regarding "MPT CALCULATOR"

1.  Please note that the MPT Caculator is a property tax calculator for demonstration purposes only and does not include any additional charges or credits that may be applicable to the subject property (for example, local charges - street lighting).

2.  The tax rates used in MPT Caculator are for the current taxation year.  The tax rates are updated annually towards the end of May. Therefore, from January to the end of May MPT Caculator inquiries will be based on the previous years, tax rates.

3.  All properties in a capped property tax class (Multi-Residential, Commercial, Industrial) are subject to possible charges or credits resulting from Bill 140 - Capping (formerly Bill 79).  MPT Caculator is only valid to calculate base taxes before capping calculations.

4.  Any questions regarding your Current Value Assessment should be directed to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) at 1-877-474-1224.

5.  If you do not know what the tax class is for your property, please contact the City of Quinte West at 613-392-2841 and ask for the "Tax Department".

6.  If you do not know what ward your property is located in please click here to see a PDF map illustrating the four Wards of Quinte West. If you want to see a more detailed map of your property please visit

Tax Class Information (2019)


Tax Class

Assessed Property Value

2019 Value Assessment


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2018 Value Assessment

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Estimated Results



General Levy


Fire Services

Education Levy

Grand Total:

General Levy



Winter control

Road Maintenance

Crossing Guards

Pollution Control

Waste Management



Recreation Services

Social Services

Social Housing

Homes for the Aged

Emergency Management (Ambulance)

Health Services

Planning Services

Economic Development

General Government

Conservation Authorities

Municipal Property Assessment Corp

Other Exernal Agencies

Debt Repayment

Contribution to Capital

Fire Services

Police Services


MPT Caculator Disclaimer

The MPT Caculator application uses the City of Quinte West Council approved local tax rates and tax rates established by the Province of Ontario for education purposes for the year 2019.

The amounts shown on MPT Caculator are estimates only.  Final tax amounts are mailed out annually in early July and may vary from the amounts illustrated in MPT Caculator.

Due to the various tax rates in Quinte West, the complexity of tax calculations, tax policy and provincial legislation, MPT Caculator does not include the following:

1.  Capping as legislated by the Province.

2.   Local Improvements and associated administrative fees

3.   Special area rated services

4.  Various tax rebate programs

5.  Any adjustments to taxes such as ARB's, 357's, Minutes of Settlements, Supplementary Taxes, etc.

The City of Quinte West cannot be held responsible for any legal liabilities arising from the use of the MPT Caculator as it is an estimator only. For more information, please email


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